Yawara – 106-107

So me and my dudes were like: “Hey, two eps suck ass, let’s release some more!” And like the nice guys we are, we had to do something about it!
So yeah, enjoy the end of the Women’s All-Japan Championships, and a few lovey dovey moments in ep107. 😉
Oh, and about avoiding that spoiler I mentioned last time… well, good luck with that… the episode title ruins it all. lol
You could jump to 02:12 though, past the title… and make sure information is turned off in MPC. xD The fight will be over in a minute after that or so.
Oh, and I’d also like to apologize if you hadn’t watched ep104-105 yet. 😉

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_106_[DVD][EAE20517].mkv
MD5: 2C824299FED273B15E276956AFAD32C7
CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_107_[DVD][60522713].mkv

9 thoughts to “Yawara – 106-107”

  1. loool !!, I like your comments Juggen, Thanks again for the warning and I’ll do it this time too ^___^.
    Thanks frozen-evil staff for your work, it’s great subs, and no other groups did it before you .. what does it mean ? — you’re a real high level fansub group 😀

  2. You are made of pure and unadulterated awesome! And the only bit of that post I read was “Oh, and I’d also like to apologize if you hadn’t watched ep104-105 yet….” which is just as well, because i haven’t. Damn, I have a backlog of Yawara! Lucky~ XD

  3. Would be pretty nice if episodes 1-41 would be redone as well. The L-E encodes are not working correctly on any of my hardware-based-mediaplayers.

  4. Hmm. That issue can be solved by re-encoding it yourself, though. Frozen-EviL should focus on subbing new ones right now, I think. 🙂

    Though it doesn’t sound good that those earlier files are basically encoded the wrong way(?) in the first place if they won’t play on hardware media players.

  5. 1-40 were licensed; we don’t provide or redo fansubs for licensed anime. Sorry. However, he AnimEigo box can nowadays be obtained very cheap in many places, and it is a good production. It sits nicely on my shelf, side-by-side with the box with all the Japanese DVD 🙂

  6. There’ll probably be more episodes in about 3 weeks because the key person on the project is finishing up his 6 years of university studies at the moment.

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