3 thoughts to “Yawara – 99”

  1. I wish him bad luck ,, bad luck ,, BAD LUCK that kazamidori
    Thanks Juggen and all of Yawara’s staff who work on this awesome anime, I know it’s hard to work like crazy .. but your eforts means a lot to us .. especially the meaning of this anime to our hearts .. it’s not like we watch to watch what’s next ( what’s thye next anime after yawara .. ) .. but this one have a special taste that affects me personally .. so it’s special and you’re the ones who made it this way by your continuous work.( sorry for that long story .. it’s 3.am now ) 😀

  2. No judo still? Ah, well… since when is Yawara about judo, anyway? The only one who thinks so is Jigoro-sensei, and he’s got… issues.

    Thanks for another episode! Bring on the romance~!

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