8 thoughts to “Yawara – 76-77”

  1. lol!!, That’s funny guess of you Juggen :D, Thanks for your hard work with these Good groups.

    P.S: “These” referred to Frostii & Live-Evil.


  2. I was gonna write some eloquent shit about how good this show is, and how cool you lot are for subbing it, but actually I just sat here with a smile on me face for a minute or three… oops!

    Junglist + Yawara! = LUV

  3. LukeLee: it’s a combined team effort, but most of all it’s thank to kokujin-kun’s fantastic scripts and collectr’s incredible editing accuracy and scripts. And of course Juggen’s around to time when the scripts need that procedure, plus QC don’t take forever as opposed to other projects. Not doing any real typesetting helps as well. Plus Skr doesn’t lag with his encodes… basicly, it’s a team effort and nobody is late with their shit, making it possible.

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