9 thoughts to “Yawara – 69”

  1. Ah, you made my week!

    Also, thanks to Skr and urasawa fan for responding re: manga! I’ll probably start with 20th Century Boys due to price/availability… but don’t worry, intricate/odd writing styles suit me best (I always preferrred Burroughs to Kerouac).

    And hey, sangofe, didn’t you think the main dude from Monster is a bit… well, a bit Kazamatsuri-looking?

    Getting kinda off-point here, so back to the main point…

    Huzzah! Huzzah! Ya-wa-rah! (Imagine this show dubbed in British, lol!)

  2. I missed when this was first released, but when I try to download it now the link for the torrent is no good. Could you upload it again? I desperately need my Yawara! Thanks!!!

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