Captain Tsubasa (2002) – 29

The release pictures should say it all… Finaly we’re at the final game of the tournament; Japan vs. Germany. Who will win this epic battle? I sure won’t tell you, so go ahead and watch 🙂 By the way, SHS have their own gmail for recruiting now, so please e-mail them at or go to their irc recruit channel:  if you want to help — all they really need now is a translator to get going.

If you want to help with this project become even faster, another quality checker wouldn’t hurt.

P.S Sorry I wrote the news post this time, Torianna 😛

13 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa (2002) – 29”

  1. BTW, anyone knows whats up with the Shinsen website?
    Been down for over a year now, or more…? (tracker page still works)

  2. No worries, this is how we’d like to release the show, but sometimes people have stuff irl they need to do 🙂

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