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  1. How much longer is “a little longer” exactly? It’s been almost 2 months so far. I’m suffering from Yawara withdrawal.

  2. First let me thank you for subbing Yawara! I have really been enjoying this series and I am glad to see LE linking up with Frostii and Saizen to finish it. That said, here are some numbers for you.

    Yawara was released on October 16, 1989 and finished airing on September 21, 1992.

    Live Evil formed in mid June of 2001.

    It is currently September of 2011.

    You have released 62 episodes of Yawara in that time for an average of 1 episode every 2 months. You are now half way through the series.

    At the current rate of release, with three groups working on the show, you will finish around January of 2022. Are you OK with that?

    Oh, and it has been over three months since your last release, you are behind schedule.

    I am nearly 50. I would like to see this show completely English subbed before I die.

    Thank you.

  3. Wuntvor, your fellow Yawara fans are very impressed with your mathematical skills, and because we like anime we’ve never met anyone over 29 before, so we’re also impressed at how well you stand up (for you age).

    The stunning revelations you’ve brought to us (old people exist, mathematics is possible, fansub groups don’t have tight schedules) have caused us to start a religion in your honour.

    And I personally am chancing my internet name to Total Wunt in you honour.

  4. Wuntur – you wouldn’t even be 60 in 2022 if you are “nearly” 50 now! Thank about how much time you’ll get to watch anime after your retire from work!

  5. I’m just implying that at an episode every 2 months will give yo that finish date. So far we aren’t seeing that sort of speed. If they release at an episode every 6 months, (closer to the current average) then I may well die before this show is finished. That will be 31 years from now. You may all be as old as I am now. Something to think about.

  6. I’m sure this would have gotten subbed faster if it where our regular jobs, which it isn’t. First off, the license just expired, and if you’d been in the fansub community, you’d know people aren’t around 24/7 because people have uni, rl-jobs etc. to take care of. Plus people quit. Something to think about.

  7. Wunty, again as a fellow fanboy, I say you need to shut up mate. There’s a thin line between droll and troll, and you treading it bwoy. Just in grammatical English rather than netspeak, which is why people tend to parody or be sarcastic rather than outright rude, which is basically what you’re up to as well.

  8. Okay that was kind of dickish of me but that type of clever-clever commenting winds me up, plus having followed the saga of Yawara! across all sorts of boards and groups I think it’s obvious people are working damn hard. I’m just saying that being smarmy at them probably isn’t going to help them get on with it, yunno?

  9. Junglist, I understand were you are coming from, and for the most part I agree with you completely. I am just VERY FRUSTRATED. I feel like somebody who is using a broadband connection for all there anime, but is forced to use a 28.8 dial up connection for this one show. My only problem is the speed of the releases. I have been downloading fansubs from numerous sources for years. I have a pretty good idea of what is required, and how long it takes to sub something. My problem is with THREE GROUPS WORKING ON IT, it has still been almost THREE MONTHS since the last release. Other fansub groups, working alone, have released five 13 episode series in there entirety in that time.

    I understand that some people were on vacation, some of you go to work or school, etc. That is fine, people have lives. I still think that, even with that, you should be able to sub one half hour episode in three months, even if you only worked on it 5 minutes a day.

    My other gripe is the fact that I have all of Yawara in Japanese, but nobody has ever bothered to supply English subtitles for the entire series. The only English translation source is Live Evil, Saizen, and Frostii. Actually having the episodes, and NOT being able to understand them, increases the frustration.

    All of that said. I eagerly, and impatiently, await the next release of Yawara, and wonder why nobody has subbed it yet. It hasn’t been licensed for over a year now. It WAS more popular than Ranma 1/2 during it’s original airing, and I have no problem finding subs of that.

  10. Wuntor – we don’t give a shit about your rants, so it is pretty useless of you to spend your time doing them. Oh, you know, there is a very poorly translated version of all of Yawara available, you could watch that. Just search for Yawara at tokyotosho.info

  11. Thanks for the heads up Sangofe! I have been looking for an English translation for quite some time. I didn’t realize that the torrent released on June 6th was an English sub, for some reason I thought it was the same Catalan-Japanese version I had already.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu!

    Time for a Yawara marathon!

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