Slam Dunk – 01-26 Batch


Possibly the last releases of Slam Dunk from yours truly. It’s been great fun, and I think it’s sad to stop where we’re at, but without more translations we can’t keep going any longer. Not all hope is lost though(!), there’s still a small chance left we’ll be back.

Anyway… It’s been a bumpy ride and we haven’t been especially fast, but I love this show and I’d like to end by saying:

Thanks for the ride.

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  1. Well, it’s a pity I really like your fansub and I was hoping to be able to see the 2 ending… still Thanks a lot for sharing!!! I really appreciate all your work!!!

  2. It certainly has been an interesting ride, but considering the fact that I have already read and reread the manga at least over 20 times already, I won’t say that I’ll miss the anime all that much, however, I truly appreciate the fact that you guys attempted to bring the better version of this anime to many fans out there, it was very nice of you.

    Now, since you’re done with Slam Dunk for good, I’m curious as of how the Taishou Yakyuu Musume series is coming along (like “looking good”, “not very promising”, or “it’s moving”, or something else.)

  3. Oh no, not again. Anyone know if the turkish release is any good and if it’s available anywhere?
    Or should I wait for a funnuraba like fansub to come along?
    Well thanks for what you have done, it was a great while it lasted!

  4. i have them and already finished it all, but Saizen release can make me watch it again easily since i care a lot about high quality and accurate translations 😀

  5. Thank you for all the work you have done so far on this great anime. I hope that you will be able to pick it up again some time in the near future.

  6. Thanks for all you have released of this! It’s such a shame you feel you have to stop currently, and I hope the conditions change so that you can continue again. Saizen is one of the very few fansubbers out there that seems to really care to put out quality translation, even over quality video (which you also provide). I can suffer some video setbacks if the TL, timing, signs, etc are good. Anyway, thanks for the dedication you’ve given to the episodes you put out!

  7. I was really excited when I found that you guys were doing this series, and it’s truly a pity that you won’t be able to finish it, but Thank you for this 26 eps. It was amazing work!!

  8. Wow, that’s not cool ): what ’bout editing crunchy’s streams? Anyways, thanks a lot for the great subs/releases.

  9. hmm.. saizen, don’t bother sub an anime again and not finishing it especially if it’s a well-known classic anime. you’re killing your name..

  10. Mr. Hmm, do you think we care ‘about our name’ here in Saizen? And have you tried to see things from our side before posting this comment? Did you know that this projet actually got started about 3 years ago? Did you also know that we had to pay for most of the translations out of our own pockets, and that this translator does not want to do anymore?

    While I would have liked it if we had the staff to actually finish it, I know it is important to be realistic, and it is not like we have given up; we’re asking a few people if they wanna translate it, but it seems not very likely. So, in the future, before posting a comment, you should try to see things from more than only one side 😉

  11. Sakuragi: that might be done under funnuraba (that was saizen’s udergroup group, if you did not realize that yet)

  12. @sangofe Did you know that this projet actually got started about 3 years ago?

    Oh yes I do 🙂

    Great to see you guys are still around.

  13. @ninjacloud

    I wans’t complaining about the speed of saizen (I know they have always preferred quality over speed), I just said that because I was part of the saizen staff when they started subbing it 😉

  14. Eh you guys should just take like the Animanga Nucleus Fansubs that was done and make it better, it’s not a great translation because it has a lot of grammar mistakes and some timing issues but you wouldn’t have to get a translator to fix those problems.

  15. The translations are from A-E, hence Jpn->Chn->Eng. This was the reason why we wanted to do this show to begin with, to improve overall TL and editing. ANF’s subs would need heavy TLC and editing.

  16. Is there possibly a chance of you guys ever picking this up again? The other groups that did this did such a shit job at it, I can’t even bring myself to watch the rest of the episodes.

  17. PLZ Do the rest of translation , u r the best sports anime fansub ever :O
    hope u will reply at least 🙁


  18. Hello all my friend in Saizen…

    I’m from Indonesia. Me and all my friend in here always like your video and sub, because its so nice and high quality. We really hope that you will continue Slam dunk project because till now, there is no high quality video and sub for this legendary anime, except from you. Crunchyroll cant be access in Indonesia.T_T
    Many people hope you can continue this project.:)

    Best regards.

  19. Thank you for your reply my friend.
    After tried Slam dunk release from anf, i can say that the quality isn’t good like Saizen release (both video and sub).
    I still prefer collect your release. So till now, i only have Slam dunk 1-26 from Saizen.:)
    If someday (hope its not too long from today.^^) you have plan to bring back Slam dunk, just tell us if you need help.
    Maybe we can help you.:)

    Best regards.

  20. I really feel bad you had to stop this project (which I didn’t knew). You guys had the best Slam Dunk release in terms of overall video and sub quality. I’m still hoping one day you’ll get a translator who’s willing to work on this (I’d help if I could but my Japanese knowledge is limited).

    I can’t access it in Crunchyroll and other sites, so I’m a bit thankful that Horrible-Subs made a rip release of it. I couldn’t stand ANF’s release that much due to lagging issues.

    I got excited when Blu-Ray edition will be released this July. I was hoping you’ll work on it but if no one will translate, its no use.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle to happen. This series is too good not to have an HQ sub.

  21. Hei, Slam Dunk blueray was release…
    Really hope Saizen will put this series again and start to fansub from episode 1.
    Go Saizen for Hanamichi Sakuragi.^____^

  22. Ah it all makes sense, just finished watching Slam Dunk and realised that the first part of the series was subbed really well, and the rest was really poorly translated with spelling errors and bad engrish.

    The good subs were by saizen and the rest was by someone else! so sad you don’t have the completed batch ;_;

  23. I wanted to thank you soooooo much for doing Slam Dunk!!! 🙂 It’s one of my most favorite series!! 🙂 Your video, audio and subs get a 10/10!!! ^_^

    Since it’s been almost 4 years since your last update on the series, is there any slight possible chance for this series to please please restart?? It would be SOOOOOOOO amazing if I could archive bothe Kuroko AND Slam Dunk from your amazing releases!!

    Please think about it!!

  24. LOL! 😀 That would be an option yeah! 😉

    Basically, what I really want to know is if the Saizen staff is even considering on continuing this childhood masterpiece series we all grew and loved.

    I gotta say please think about it!! Your work is always 10/10 and archive releases without a second thought!! 🙂 I love your pro encodind and sub editing skills so if you could continue Slam Dunk we wouldn’t need to bother to keep searching for the best version (cause unfortunaately there is none at the moment! 🙁 )

    So it would be like a dream come true if you could please consider finishing in the future!! 🙂 🙂

  25. We have no active plans at the moment to do it to my knowledge. It’s probably around 1000 man-hours of work to do too (I’m not exaggerating. It’s a pretty fair estimate. Around 12-14 man-hours per episode for 75 episodes), so I don’t think you’re going to get anyone to promise anything about it when they’re not currently working on it.

  26. Is there any possibility of continuation of Slam Dunk? I haven’t moved on from eps 26 till date and am still waiting for you guys to consider this project back again (and for this series I was a regular hence have been waiting march 2011. Guys PLEASE you gotta consider this.) Please revive this. It doesn’t matter if you people do this like 1 eps in two months but please don’t ignore this legend.


  27. Honestly, I don’t think so. I honestly don’t think we’ll complete all current projects either before the group officially closing/dying.

  28. No, this has aboslutely nothing to do with money or wanting to get the project done. We’re a bunch of people who’s gradually drifting away from fansubbing. We’re getting older by each day, and the staff’s shrinking with every month…

  29. Hmmm… Thats kind of disappointing.
    And the larger picture is even more sad. To think that even the best group is approaching its end thats soul shattering.

  30. Hey guys, if you are still here. To this day I still watch the Slam Dunk anime, and the Saizen subs are the best. They are so good that once you reach episode 27, you actually notice the decrease in quality. The Slam dunk and subs of the first 26 episodes are so good thought hat you just want to carry on watching even with bad subs. I found HorribleSubs, but after comparing, they are much worse. They completely change a lot of it and “Americanise” the text instead of just translating it. I’d still recommend ANF over HorribleSubs for Slam Dunk. I check every so often to see if Saizen have decided to continue with Slam Dunk, but thanks for the first 26 episodes 🙂

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