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Yes, who is this dude? A friend? An enemy? A former lover? Inquiring minds want to know!

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_08_[DVD]i9AAC1B].mkv
MD5: f4b553cd5599c3b1997d7e0fc5bd625a


Mamoru Kazuki: You’re feeling tense. Let me relax your muscles.

Takeru Hojo: You don’t have to go through the tr— hey, something’s poking me in the butt!

Mamoru Kazuki: I know! 🙂

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_07_[DVD]TFFA44AB].mkv
MD5: 536ab7f2a85a50e331c36ff6356ade51



Wait, Mai’s father is in the shot! This makes the creepiness factor go up to 11! Ewww…

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_06_[DVD][47983C3D].mkv
MD5: 93cc3657dae342fed369da4da01bd03e


In this latest episode of Magnerobo Ga-Keen, Takeru takes a break from destroying synthetic beasts and demonstrates what is the proper way to do the laundry.

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_05_[DVD][094D0567].mkv
MD5: 195fb8503ed00244fc8fd41a32b905d6


Masaya:  “You leave my Daddy alone, you big mean synthetic beast meanie!”

Yeah… like that’s gonna work.

In other news… “Father and Son trampled by Synthetic Beast”

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_04_[DVD][0276C4DF].mkv
MD5: 360833384f08867de725a2e7fcee521a



Our own Luurah has left his playful youth behind and turned 40 today. I now officially declare him being “ossan.” 😛

I wish him a lot of quality checkers for our projects and getting hugged by a blue-haired girl!

(I suspect we need to ask zegond to dye her hair blue).

I also wish him loads of robots for his birthday and that he will never stop loving them! 😀


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