22 thoughts to “Be-Bop High School – 05”

  1. Will you guys be subbing episode 6-7? I can only find eng subs for episode 1-5 and OVA episodes 6-7 on dailymotion is raw 🙁

    Thank you for the great work!

  2. Thank you guys for taking this gem! Really appreciate both fansubs groups for the amazing quality 😀

  3. What spin-off series?!!
    Whats the title?
    And Guys, i love, please please don’t leave hanging this long again.
    Thank you.

  4. Stil lmao at this episode, quite easily the funniest so far! Thank you very much for your hard work, Saizen and HnG!

  5. Hi saizens i’m still waiting for episode 6 & 7, it’s only 2 eps left to finish this project, Ganbatte ^^
    many thnx for your effort i really appreciate it. thumbs up

  6. Still waiting patiently, early 2019 is getting closer boys. Hopefully it gets released sooner!

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