Fantasista Stella – 01v2

New series alert! Here we have the latest installment of Code Geass, which happens to be a crossover with Captain Tsubasa (who has now been called Sakamoto Teppei to avoid confusion with earlier series), and for some reason, there’s a lot of talk about stars. Probably takes place in the colonies. Or was that Gundam Wing? Anyway, this is the first of a three-ep footballing extravaganza we have lined up for you to make up for the lack of decent football anime series in our back catalogue πŸ˜‰

On a related note, we’re looking for the DVD version of episode 3 of Fantasista Stella as we have the first 2 episodes in sweet DVD quality but only have a HD broadcast of the third episode, so if any of our numerous fans own or have access to the DVDISO of it, please make yourselves known to us and we’ll be very appreciative.

EDIT: Whoops, had a dialogue font fail (my bad). v2 now issued. If you were one of the 150 or so who managed to grab the first release before the error was spotted, use this bandaid patch to fix my failure πŸ˜€

Magnet URI[Saizen] Fantasista Stella - 01v2 [385174BB].mkv
MD5: 8a0f3213bd0c63bbde96cb12c00c98b7

7 thoughts to “Fantasista Stella – 01v2”

  1. Hi. thank you for the recent releases guys, I do appreciate it.
    any updates about space brothers movie #0? I hope that you didnt dropped it out.
    and again thanks for your hard work. πŸ™‚

  2. NOBODY who works on tsubasa works on this, well, except I DID work on Tsubasa, and Mizu has done occasional QC…

    But yeah, you get the picture. The projects have almost nothing to do with each others.

  3. Ok, that’s great. Thanks for providing both of these series, I really liked this new one too. I loved the storyline, it was a very nice show. I searched it on Google tho and I found out that this show is only a three episode series, I’m pretty surprised that it’s such a short thing, I was expecting that it would be maybe 20 episodes at the least about how Teppei reached the national team and he lead them to the World Cup. Does anyone know why this only ended up being three episodes?

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