Kuroko’s Basketball – 37

Kuroko no Keredo - 37 - BD.1080p [365E6970]_001_31997

Fiending for more Kuroko? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the next ep of Kuroko’s Basketball on Blu-Ray for you! Episode 37 is now available for your viewing pleasure 😉

With the Winter Cup preliminaries over, we move forward with the story as Seirin takes a few minutes to take a breather at a hot spring before their all-out war with the Generation of Miracles takes place at the Winter Cup! Who will they play next? What sort of shenanigans  will they get into at the hot springs (Hm, I wonder :P)? Check this one out to find out.

Lastly, I wanted to take a minute to show you guys something. This is the original frame 31977 of this episode. You will notice a small change I made in the episode while you watch it if you play close attention. 10 internet points for the person who points it out first in the comments section, lol. Anyway, moving on, do you notice anything strange about this frame as it is right now? Hint: Look at how they spell the city names. Yeah, that’s right. They couldn’t even spell the name of a city like Los Angeles correctly… Nevermind the word “skies” or “continental.” You might be wondering why I’m bringing this up, and I’m glad you’re wondering. It means you’re thinking and are involved. I like that. The reason is very simple. If you’ve watched Season 3 already, you’ll notice that they spell Izuki’s name as “Iduki” throughout the season. We won’t be doing that. It’s wrong. I’ll go over why it’s wrong when we get there, but before we get there, I just wanted to point out how unreliable Japanese anime makers are when writing things in English. They can’t even spell a famous city’s name correctly, so keep this in mind when I bring up the issues with “Iduki” in Season 3 🙂

Anyway, rant over. Enjoy the anime folks!

8 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball – 37”

  1. Hint: Look at the flight number for Los Angeles, where Kagamai is going, and what is said. They couldn’t even match up what was said with the sign.

    10 points for me! lol

  2. Hey, hey… sometimes that’s intentional, to emphasize the fact that this is a work of fiction… I’m sure they would’ve spelled Los Angeles correctly if they wanted to. As an example, I often see brand names Sony and Sanyo intentionally misspelled in various animes.

  3. Sure, that’d make sense if they hadn’t spelled all the other cities’ names correctly and hadn’t, you know, spelled “Atlantic” as “Atrantic.” They couldn’t even match up their own dialogue with the board they made 😛

    Misspelling brand names is intentional to avoid copyright infringement. If they didn’t misspell those names, the companies could sue the makers for money. City names belong to everyone. You are allowed to use them in anything you want with no threat of getting sued over it as nobody owns it. That’s a really bad example.

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