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  1. I’ve heard about it from our Japanese translator before + I checked it on Wiki before I posted it.

    “Before they began creating original work, the group produced dōjinshi of Captain Tsubasa, and yaoi dōjinshi of Saint Seiya.”

    You can also check the Wiki’s source there.

  2. Hi ! You guys might help me out on this one.

    I had no problem so far whatsoever with any or your releases, but with this one, it doesn’t play right. I get a green image, all distorted, throughout the video.

    Weird thing is, i didn’t change anything in the setting of the player I use. Maybe you guys could help me out ?

    I use the cccp codec pack with the default settings ( I have the latest) and watches your releases on media player classic. I’m on win 7 64 bits.

  3. Guessing you recently updated your Nvidia graphics driver to >=344.11 which is unfortunately bugged when it comes to 10-bit content, in which case you should be experiencing this broken green image with all 10-bit video files.

    To fix it, either downgrade the driver, switch to a different renderer in MPC-HC that doesn’t use the GPU for rendering (Haali would be a fine—if slow—choice), or disable “P010” in your LAV Video Settings until a fixed driver is released.

  4. Please clarify, how was the coach allowed to make 4 substitutions at the end of the first half? 3 is supposed to be the max. Were the rules different, or does this particular tournament allow more than 3? I’m confused!

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