Leiji Matsumoto’s The Cockpit

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Hey, everyone! Last but not least in our Summer Special Grande Finale, we bring you Leiji Matsumoto’s “The Cockpit.” It’s a World War II anthology based on Leiji Matsumoto’s Battlefield manga. The 3 distinct and unrelated to one another (other than being about WWII) pieces are written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Takashi Imanishi and Ryousuke Takahashi.

Kawajiri’s Slipstream follows a Luftwaffe pilot on his mission to protect Germany’s trump card: the world’s first atomic bomb. Imanishi’s Sonic Boom Squadron explores the last hours of a Kamikaze pilot on August 6, 1945. Takahashi’s The Knight of the Iron Dragon tells the story of two Japanese soldiers in Leyte as they attempt to keep a promise. (Thanks wikipedia! :P)

As a warning to people who download this, some of the opinions expressed in these may rub some people the wrong way as it pertains to history and how things happened. If you have very strong feelings about World War II, you may not agree with some of the content in these.

Anyway, the Blu-Ray source used for these was completely redone from the original 25mm film. A big thanks to Timescar for doing the ED Kara for us, and juggen, limpakos, Falsedawn, konnakude and CP for QC’n on the various OVAs (Hope I didn’t forget anyone :p).

This project started when our Kuroko encoder mentioned to me that he was grabbing these. I asked him if he wanted me to help him throw some scripts together and he said sure. From there, he took care of the encoding and timing while I took care of the other jobs that I haven’t mentioned yet.

And with this, we see the end to our Summer Special Grande Finale. A big thanks to everyone out there that helped make not only this release and this release spree happen, but Saizen happen as well. Every single person out there who has worked in Saizen to those who have watched something we’ve put out too. You’re all a part of this. 10 years is a damn long time on the internet. Thank you.

Releases 10-12 of Saizen’s 10th anniversary release bonanza!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_The_Cockpit_[720p][Blu-Ray]
MD5: N/A

The folder details are as follows:

MD5: 29a68a7357fd04a9e8d0b905a24ac4cf

MD5: c94f284fd6d0c2f54a514665d7a39174

MD5: 964a5a327cac8a84365b9f6fa1f6cc31

CCCP icon[Saizen]_The_Cockpit_[1080p][Blu-Ray]
MD5: N/A

MD5: d3a14c60bb45f1b353cfb15a543a0532

MD5: 0fb2a6482898102e421c1de9e909eecb

MD5: 6e658d4fb6d6f9129f543a0258e628f7

5 thoughts to “Leiji Matsumoto’s The Cockpit”

  1. I remembered that I’ve seen on internet the day of the death of the great Nagai Ichirou, that Yamaguchi Kappei remembered this movie on that same day…

    And I was really looking to watch these OVA in a good quality!

    Thanks a lot Saizen and happy 10th anniversary! Keep up the great work, you guys simply are one hell of a team 😀

  2. I like how Matsumoto shows that even the “bad guys” had feelings and dreams, and they couldn’t realize those dreams due to the war. Small people always suffer when big shots are keeping their wars. Cannon meat…

  3. That’s right, konnakude.

    Warmongers are always calling for wars in which that they themselves will never, ever fight.

    War is much, much more profitable financially than peace, which is why war has been waged throughout human history. Politicians know this, so they deliberately try to start wars knowing they will make out like bandits while their own citizens get mangled.

    As long as there is greed, there will be war.

  4. Was this based on the R1 translation, or was it a new one?

    I would go as far as say that there are a lot of mistranslations rather than the subs being liberal 🙁

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