Kuroko’s Basketball 11 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]

kuroko ep11 newspost pic

Hey, everyone.  AMS here with ep 11 of Kuroko’s Basketball on Blu-Ray for you.  The game versus Midorima and his Shutoku team continues in this game as we see Kagami and Kuroko attempt to handle Midorima’s unreal range.  Enjoy!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_11_[1080p][Blu-Ray][B5FEF5AC].mkv
MD5: e95e0d946abb8c4e2e10dc43042b6d92

7 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball 11 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]”

  1. hey, just curious on the flashbacks before the actual episode is the outline of the words red-ish or is it just my imagination? if it is red-ish do you mind answering why? is it because its the flashback? cheers

  2. Yes. There are multiple dialogue styles. They are a part of the V4+ styles in subtitle file. They are easily customizable with Aegisub. Even the karaokes are softsubbed and can be found in the subtitle file 🙂

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