Miyuki – 24-25

Miyuki - 24-25


This is unheard of… More episodes? But I thought we dropped the show? About that, how about no?
As this aired 30 years ago, I hope you can stand waiting a bit more for us to finish the show. I know 30 years is a long wait, but I’m sure you will be able to hold out a few more months, yeah? ^^;
Also, these couple of episodes were pretty good I gotta say. 🙂

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Miyuki_-_24_[DVD][A5175D25].mkv
MD5: 4BCA005BD5C6803839CDA5454FC53259
CCCP icon[FroZen]_Miyuki_-_25_[DVD][02834026].mkv

10 thoughts to “Miyuki – 24-25”

  1. That was a really bad joke, sangofe.

    Everything is possible, but good things come only to those boys and girls who have patience to wait.

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