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  1. The patch download does not work. The only download link given is supposed to install a download manage (fuck that, really), but when you click it, it just downloads a file without a file extension that you can’t do anything with.

  2. That cat on her shirt must be one of the pedophiles you mentioned, juggen. It’s smiling at Miyuki’s panties. ^o^

  3. I hope you are palnning to finish this. This, like all of Adachi’s work, is such a joy to watch. Thanks for all your work on this to date.

  4. KnightRyder: I hope you are palnning on living a healthy life, get kids and family. I also hope you treat every fellow peer with respect and always act humble.

  5. Fine, you won’t see me here again. Obviously you can’t handle an honest question and a compliment.

  6. I also hope that you will release a “new” episode of this soon. I would love to have all episodes. πŸ™‚

    Btw.. where are the rules written? I didn’t see them anywhere.

  7. There’s a handy little navigation bar just under our artistic header up there. The link to the Rules page is there, and not only that, you can check out what projects Saizen has that are ongoing, upcoming and completed, and a whole bunch of other stuff πŸ˜€

  8. @FalseDawn: I must have been blind. How could I not see it there?

    I can understand Rule 1 somewhat but it’s normal for people to be curious when “their series” will continue. I am a technical supporter for a huge community and you maybe can imagine how often I give the same advice which is also found in our FAQs. But thats the way it is. You have to deal with the same questions again and again and again and stay nice without becoming arrogant.

    Asking when a new episode will come out is just pure curiosity. I (and I think most others too) won’t die if it takes 1 or 10 months.

  9. Yeah, I think unfortunately we became a little jaded when we went through a patch of people only asking when the next episode of whatever was out (and getting quite abusive and offensive at times). But I think there’s a big difference between a “community” and what we do at Saizen, which is naturally smaller – and to be honest, we usually just post the link to the Rules page nowadays to people asking for updates on releases.

    I can somewhat understand if people ask after several months of inactivity on a project and are *polite* about it, but it’s a rarity. A lot of people think it’s their God-given right to get new releases of their favourite show, and don’t seem to see the rudeness in what they type.

    As it happens, there are various reasons for inactivity on our current projects in Saizen that we’ll categorise as being RL issues (without wanting to go into too much detail). They are in the works – I know that some episodes of Miyuki and Ashita no Joe are pretty far down the process – but we have no set schedule for releasing them, so all we can say is “soon”. That probably doesn’t give you the answer you want, but I hope you can see it from our perspective that we do this as a hobby and we get no kind of recompense for our effort (other than satisfaction of a job well done!), so when certain parts of our offline lives crop up to get in the way – or even if we lose motivation for fansubbing itself for a few months (I mean, really, is there a point to doing it?) – sometimes those things take precedence over getting a sub out for your favourite anime πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately, a lot of commenters we get on this site don’t seem to get that.

  10. hi I been keeping a eye on this series from back when u posted the first 3 eps.

    I must amite I to and hotly watching this space to see when the next epersode will be release. I kept quite because I had seen some steady progress and I know u guys don’t get paid to put this stuff out.

    but I am dispointed on 1 or 2 things.

    for instance kako no basket.. there is about 9 groups subbing this so cant see why it would be subed here over some of the stuff tbhat is never going to be subed by any other group

    I am sure there are reasons for it but for a person who has waited a year for 20 eps to be released and see double that posted in lest then a few months it can be mighty depressing.

    now not to be pushie as I have read the above conversation on this I wounder if I was to send u guys say $100 US dollars is there any chance u could put a priority on this series? and if 100 is not enough is there a number that could get this series completed in say 3months?

    I am just asking if it is possible plese take it in the spirt of wishing to help my series get completed not in any other negative leight.

    I don’t know how long I will live I could die any day and I don’t want to die with this series left undone.. I know it sound dramatic but my mother died before she could finished Robert Jordan series she loved so much so it realy touchs a cored in me leaving something like this undone

  11. btw I am series in my willingness to provid cash to get this completed mail me if this is of intrest

  12. Kuroko’s Basketball has nothing to do with Miyuki at ALL! Besides, we sub what we like to sub.

    No, money wouldn’t make us work faster. We only ask money when we need to cover certain costs. Right now, the only costs we need to cover are Blu Rays for Kuroko’s basketball, which I doubt you want to donate for πŸ˜›

    But rest assured, this series will get completed.

  13. Yeah, as sangofe says, while both titles are subbed under the umbrella of Saizen Fansubs, we have a surprising number of staff, so the teams working on these titles are in fact completely unrelated (Miyuki is a FroZen project, remember).

    The speed of Kuroko is mostly down to one person (who’s a machine!) and while the rest of us dream of emulating his quality + speed combo, we can rarely scale the same heights (specially for slackers like me ;__;), but we plug away all the same.


  14. @solaris

    Hey dude, I didn’t bother writing a real response to what you wrote cuz you were at least trying to be respectful despite how wrong you were. You don’t believe me? Look at what the very next guy who’s not from Saizen, mandrake, wrote.

    This dude is actually complaining that I came back to fansubbing and that the Kuroko team (which I lead) is getting stuff out.

    This dude is even an admitted regular to this website, so I’m pretty sure he knows the rules. So that means… he’s simply ignoring them and being a dick.

    Wanna know how he’s being a dick? Oh, let me tell you.

    If people are busy with Real Stuff(TM) stuff, it’s probably safe to assume it’s one of these things (though I’m not saying it is):

    01. Work got really busy.
    02. School got really busy.
    03. A project member has less time because they’ve had to get another job.
    04. A project member is traveling.
    05. A loved one of a project member has died and they are mourning.
    06. A project member got married.
    07. A project member got divorced.
    08. A project member is in jail.
    09. A project member had a baby.
    10. A project member had to move.
    11. A project member died.

    So when people like our lovely mandrake come in with their asinine assumptions that Miyuki hasn’t been released because we’re intentionally not doing it and starts demanding that we speed up, they are basically telling the people working on that project that them watching Miyuki is more important than any of those things. Seems a bit Dr. Evil selfish (sub Miyuki instead of dealing with your newborn baby / sub Miyuki instead of grieving for your dead loved one / sub Miyuki instead of having a job so you can live / sub Miyuki instead of being dead) now, no? Add onto that that we’re doing this out of our own free time as a hobby and it starts to paint a pretty good picture. But you know what’s the worst thing about posts like mandrake’s? They actually actively demotivate people who are working on a project. Who would want to do something when the majority of the feedback is negative, selfish, and from ungrateful asshats? In the end, this right here is why I believe we have this rule. Makes a bit more sense now, no?


    There are 9 groups doing Kuroko on Blu-Ray? Really? I’m pretty sure there are actually 0 groups doing that. That’s a pretty big difference.

    “Not to be pushy.” What? Really? That’s exactly what you mean to be. You mean to be pushy and a jerk because you simply can’t wait for the next ep of Miyuki and the Miyuki team is purposely holding back more Miyuki from you, right? That’s exactly how you sound. EXACTLY.

    If it was going to be dropped, it’d be announced. If we haven’t announced we’re dropping it, it’s still being worked on and will come out when it’s done.

    I’m glad you’re depressed that I came back to fansubbing, formed a team, and started releasing episodes of something I have spent my money and time on to do. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    Also, stop being so melodramatic, dude. It makes you look really stupid (amazingly, even more than your spelling :P). And why should we care about whether your mom has died or not when you clearly don’t care if any of our mothers had died?


    It’s a team effort, guy. It’s not just one person πŸ™‚

  15. Sure, everything’s a team effort, but the *speed* is down to your sugoi motivating by pumping out translated and edited scripts at the speed of light!

    Whereas because I’m lazy and slow, all my projects are stalled πŸ˜€

    Out of sheer curiosity, has a project ever gone south due to a member of the project dying (that you know of)? I vaguely remember a fansubber dying in a car crash when I first joined the scene around the 2006 mark, but that’s a hazy memory and I couldn’t even tell you what group that person did stuff for :S

    Oh, and not that it matters, but you also missed out illness in your list of Real Life(TM) πŸ™‚

  16. Not that i know of in our group, not when they were active at least, but i do know family members have died since Saizen was founded.

  17. must say I am sorry u felt that way about my post and as I said I figured there was a good reason for not releaseing eps.

    as to Kuroko yes mate it is your time so if you rather sub that currently then it is always ur call. we the fan of your work cant demand u do something u don’t wish and never will.

    my frustration is not at you guys please don’t get me wrong it is more with the fact that there is just no other group willing to sub these golden oldies.

    so sorry if you felt it was all directed at you.

    if I knew japaness enough I would help for sure but sadly I am limited in my abilty to learn it.

    so I apologize if I have offended you

  18. @mandrake

    You still don’t get it… The majority of the Kuroko team does not currently work on Miyuki, has not worked on Miyuki, and will not work on Miyuki. They have NOTHING to do with another. NOTHING. There are more than 6 people who work at Saizen and even more that work with us. In about a month or two, Saizen will be 10 years old. We’ve had multiple hundreds of staff members over that time. I don’t think you really understand what we do and how we do it.

    You can learn Japanese. I did. It just takes time. You can learn all the other things you need to fansub as well. I don’t think any of it is particularly hard. It just takes time and dedication.


    encoder’s gotta encode, timer’s gotta time, typsetter’s gotta typeset, k-timer’s gotta k-time, karaoke dude’s gotta karaoke it up, qc’s gotta qc, encoder muxes in our ed after every sqc for rc mux, we usually go to RC2, so he does it again with patches (Sorry I suck dude :p). There’s a lot of moving parts going on with every ep. I do the rest of the jobs, but that list there is much bigger than mine. All of them do a great job too. I couldn’t have asked for more πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I’ve heard of a couple who’ve died. Not so many though. At the same time, we’re kinda anonymous by nature, so knowing for certain would be difficult and nobody knowing is a possibility as well.



  19. 01. Check.
    03. Was jobless.
    05. Two.
    10. Four times the last six months.

    So yeah, some motivation has been lost, working on getting back into it though.

  20. @AMS I tell you what. My first contact with computers was 1983. Started coding also in these years. Never stopped. I have been in alot of groups even in BBS times where the today known Internet was a far dream. I stepped into this network we all use nowadays in ’97. That’s 17 years ago. I saw stupid people, nice people and arrogant ones. I am something you could call a “dinosaur” of the computer and net scene. Working as a selfemployed web developer and supporter. Yes I could hold my nose high. But why should I?
    When I stand up from my computer I am human like the others. I laugh. I shout at my kids. I get hungry or sleepy. I am bad at cooking or fixing a car. Here in our country we say “We all cook with water”.
    I want to be handled with respect so I also act respectfull to others. I don’t care if you could easily be my child measured on our age difference.

    To come back on topic: Miyuki is a series I watched on tv about 20 years ago. And hey… I waited 20 years to get those episodes. I don’t really care if it takes a year more until I have them all as long as I know that they will come someday. πŸ˜‰

    One more thing: I know that you translate this stuff as a hobby and so I also cannot understand when people start bashing you why you need so long for this or that. My way of handling such people is to totally ignore them. I don’t get angry or even reply to them. They then shout at me one.. maybe a second time and get silent. I don’t let the “net stuff” touch me in real life so I can stay calm. πŸ™‚

    To give something back: When you have MySQL, PHP or JavaScript questions feel free to contact me. When I find time I am always open for help or an answer.

  21. @solaris: It’s all been translated, only a matter of time. And as motivation also plays its part, whiners will extend that time. ^^

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