Miyuki – 16

Miyuki - 16

Oh God, it’s the return of the pedophiles. ^^ But I guess it was a pretty nice episode overall, and the old granny is pretty bad ass. 🙂
It feels like they celebrate every now and then with fireworks in Japan. Myself, I save up for New Years, which isn’t that far away tbh. Hopefully the end of the year will be a good one with lots of surprises. ^^

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Miyuki_-_16_[DVD][E5AF38D0].mkv
MD5: 4DEC25DC6E92C41BFB5F89CC0399685C

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  1. Oh my god I been trying to find this series for years and could never find anything but the first 3 in very crappy quality… thank you so much….. you guys are my HERO

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