Captain Tsubasa – 57

Oh noes, there’s almost nudity! On a more serious note, this episode starts the new arc and marks also the end of Saizen Speedsubs. Thanks to the two new guys sludge, and (a guy who hasn’t chosen a nick yet ^^), we’re able to do full Saizen branded quality releases =) Expect more soon 😉 Don’t know about speed, but it’ll be at least one episode weekly, without using the speedsubs tag 🙂

CCCP icon[Saizen_Speedsubs]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_57_[DVD][E3661764]
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Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! – 07-08

KKOW - 07-08


“Ah yeah, I’m fabulous!” 😀
Prepare for double trouble, double the fun! We’re also getting real close to finishing this awesome show, only a couple more episodes left. So let’s hope we can make it be before New Years or something. lol