Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! – 09-10 & Batch

KKOW - 09-10


It’s over, finito, färdigt! Go watch Mitsuhashi and Itou’s final adventure as they get in trouble with the Yakuza.
Hope you guys enjoyed the series and that the Italian “TS” didn’t bother you too much. Myself, I wouldn’t mind a few more episodes, since I really enjoyed it. ^^
Thanks to everyone who worked on this show and I guess Yabai is now officially dead. lol

31 thoughts to “Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! – 09-10 & Batch”

  1. Are you Swedish by any chance?

    I haven’t watched this series but since it’s only 10 episodes I definitely will! Good work and thanks for the batch!

  2. Finally I get to watch it with English subs… The Russian ones were OK, but lacked something… if I had to give that a name, it would be ‘flavor’, for lack of a better word. I like Saizen’s translations, I can tell when somebody does a good job translating stuff.

  3. Congratulations to the whole team who worked their asses off in order to bring to everyone those hilarious OVAs!

    PS. I wonder when we can see the same message for our Tsubasa team, lol.

    PPS. Kokujin-kun rocks! 😀

  4. So by pure chance, I decided to check today to see if there was a good english sub for the series, of which I’ve read the manga twice. What timing. I love this show. Thank you so much.

  5. It’s so fun that you’re still a proclaimed fan months, (probably soon a year) after joining Saizen, ninja 😛

  6. Any chance you guys will pick up Kakyuusei 1999? :3 It’s one of those rare older things that nobody subbed (yet), just like KKOW…

  7. Even if it doesn’t worth – I think – a marathon-watch which would make it somehow boring, it really is a worth-watching and laugh-to-death anime ^^.
    Tenshi na Konamaiki will keep a special place in my heart, but time is not for comparisons.
    With Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!, you know what are you are going to watch, and you got it ^10.
    Thanks to all the Saizen team for it.

  8. Thank you very much for making this classic available in English.

    Now on to another delinquent anime that’s been sitting for years with only the first episode subbed, Shounan Bakusouzoku!

    (or at least I can hope)

  9. Very very good job, I think deinterlacing/interpolation of the italian dvds to make the rip flowing was a very time-consuming task.

    Can you publish the first part of the script that does acquisition and deinterlacing (and frame interpolation if you use it)? Have you used the avisynth script “animeivtc”?

  10. For the most part QTGMC( Preset=”placebo” ,sharpness=0.5 ) and srestore(mode=2,speed=-25,thresh=22,frate=23.976,dclip=crop(16,0,-16,0)) were used. Couple of places were done manually, where the srestore made the video choppy.

    I wouldn’t recommend using qtgmc on sources with some finer detail though, but it depends on if you mind the loss or not. 🙂

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