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  1. I wonder why Captain Tsubasa has a great deal of trouble getting subbed? I appreciate Saizen a lot for doing this despite having already gone through (more or less) the same material in the 2002 series, but it seems wherever this show goes, there’s trouble having it done smoothly.

    The reason I worry is because once this arc is over, they might decide to hell with season 2.

    Either way. Thanks a lot Saizen, you guys rock!

  2. I can only speak my own opinion, but I find the show quite shitty, so I can’t understand why it has so many fans. πŸ™‚ Not many that hasn’t grown up with Tsubasa, seem to like it.

    Also, most old series aren’t as appreciated as the new ones, and we’ve had trouble throughout the years of getting people subbing various projects. We started Ashita no Joe in what… 2007? ^_^

  3. When you say ‘Season 2’ do you mean when Tsubasa goes to high school (I think) and we see Tsubasa VS Hyuga 3 or do you mean Captain Tsubasa J? J didn’t cover Nankatsu VS Toho.

    The CT series reboots have a really crappy habit of wasting its episode count repeating Tsubasa’s younger days and then use up what few episodes are left to cover new material. I don’t think the change in animation style is enough to justify that.

  4. “I wonder why Captain Tsubasa has a great deal of trouble getting subbed?”

    Lack of interest. This series is… quite something. Heck, I only quality check it because of the unintentionally funny moments. (That, and the people I work with are really nice.)

    Juggen: nostalgia can do a lot to peoples’ judgement… πŸ˜›

  5. Huh, I’m a current editor for Tsubasa series and I don’t get it why people think it “has a great deal of trouble getting subbed”? We have a lot of episodes translated + I’m editng 2 episodes a week, so those 2 episodes are released on a weekly basis. The only wish of all of us who work on this series is to secure a quality of our releases. We had to make some adjustments and started to release Tsubasa under Saizen-Speedsubs label. But the only thing that’s missing right now is one extra QC, though we’ve been releasing without him/her all the time.

    And it is exactly as DaVince says, I also really enjoy working with this awesome team + DaVince is my favorite QC, lol.

  6. What the hell is DaVince saying?
    Captain Tsubasa is the only releases i have seen lately,
    Miyuki been more than 1 month since i last saw an episode
    he calls 2 episodes a week lack of interest?
    someone put logic into this guy lol…

    Btw i have dropped Miyuki,
    i might be dead once Miyuki is completly subbed xD

  7. Otase, “I wonder why Captain Tsubasa has a great deal of trouble getting subbed?” was a comment Sendo made earlier. I was replying to it.

    His/her comment was not about the amount of releases you see here.

    Rather, in this case, “Lack of interest” means “not many people want to work on this sub in general”. With Saizen, we have a fixed team working on this with dedication, but we ARE short on staff to get it up to full Saizen quality. That’s the kind of “trouble” that’s being talked about (and also the reasons these releases happen so quickly! ;)).

  8. Otase: why do you feel the need to say that you “dropped” Miyuki? Do you think it is nesscary to tell us? It is your choice what you watch, and frankly, we don’t care. But, it is more than likely that the project will be completed as it has been fully translated.

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