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  1. Oh my… it looks you are really going to end it before the end of the year. I would never have believed few years ago that I would one day look at this serie until its end.

  2. You could just have warned me by email and erase my comment. You can ban me if you want but do not insult me.

  3. What FalseDawn said. I didn’t get spoiled, but why would you expect people to have watched the show already? I haven’t even watched ep63, and I’m working on the god damn show… :/

  4. I like your logic! Yeah, isn’t the fact that Ashita no Joe exists a spoiler for those who do not know yet that it really does? Ban everyone!!! Shame on us!!! ;p

  5. i love you team of saizen thanks for sub Ashita no Joe,Captain Tsubasa and igano Kabamaru we must at least to thank for hard work

  6. it06128, who was that comment directed towards?

    Also man, this was a powerful episode. I’ve never seen an actually accurately depict psychological trauma or panic attacks and this was from the freakin 70’s.

    Of course, they didn’t call it that because back then, well… in the 70’s it wasn’t part of the DSM yet and didn’t have a diagnosis.

  7. Also I know cuz I remember after my dad passed away, I’d start shaking, crawl up like that start to throw up. I never expected to see that sort of thing in an anime especially in the 70’s

    Sorry, just a bit of an astute observation. This series was way ahead of its time.

  8. Sorry for the spoiler, my bad for asuming people who download our releases actually watch them too…
    It’s one thing spoiling the ending of the series and another saying what has happened in the last five episodes.
    And yeah, like limpakos said, I guess I spoiled the fact that Joe is still alive by posting that picture too…
    Seriously people…

    PS. It was directed at Anonymous.

  9. I am not sure what was spoiled or not. I didn’t see the original comment that sparked this debate. Someine spoiled the eps you haven’t posted yet?

  10. Portnoi88: I edited your post saying you were an idiot, because it’s seriously freaking destroyed the fun to me. I just hope your post didn’t get through to many people. how is it not an idiotic thing to spoil an important part of the story that will last until season two? You’ve seriously taken away fun and excitement I had for fansubbing this, and for that you’re an idiot.

  11. Yeah, you made sangofe mad, portnoi. Luckily, I talked him out of banning you, but yeah, spoilerz are never good 😀

  12. Well, this is going nuts. I’m out of here. Sucks that someone made you this angry. Love you all, take care. Thanks for subtitling this show, doing so freakin makes my life complete but I better back out of the crossfire here.

  13. Tanks FalseDawn, i see you are a nice guy.
    I admit i did wrong and i feel sorry for that. I replied politly but sangofe prefers to insult people instead of discussing the problem in private. I just went on anidb and read the info about the 2nd season. I assumed you all did.
    We all make mistakes. 😀

  14. Also, portnoi or whoever. Please kindly fuck off. What is the point in trying to piss these guys off? Anyway later

  15. That’s what you did? WHY? Well, just DON’T do that. It’s STUPID. Why would you even think of doing that?

    Of course most of us don’t know anything about the 2nd season. I for one, well.. I’m patiently waiting for it.

  16. Calm down now, guys. I don’t want to start deleting posts because everyone’s getting heated.

    Though, yeah, Portnoi – we here at Saizen are like ninjas when it comes to dodging spoilers. I’ve managed to go weeks without finding out information just so I can enjoy it on my own terms. So yeah, please nobody spoil for those of us who are trying not to find out the ending to a 40 year old show 😀

  17. Good for you. im so ashamed of myself.
    It wont happen again. I already seen half of season 2 in spanish, but don’t worry i wont spoil nothing.
    Take care. 🙂

  18. Everything’s calmed down now I believe. We tend to be quite edgy as of late due to a heavy load of negative comments. ^^
    So let’s forget this incident and look forward to what’s left to come. =)

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