12 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 56”

  1. Wow… I’ve been collecting the eps for a few years now, starting at ep 1. At this rate, I’m predicting a mid-2014 finish to the project. Is anyone taking bets on this? 😉

  2. lol, more Joe means more “hehehe”, Thanks Saizen-HnG for the good and honest love to Joe, he needs our -download and watch- to be famous ^__^

  3. no matter how long still we love it and still we say a big thankyou to the team !!
    by the way
    mid-2014 seems legit for me too 😉 No , jsut kidding !! like i said no matter how long , ARIGATO .

  4. I have a question to ask, which may seem stupid, but I’m still curious.

    Which episodes belong to an arc? I know as it’s a shonen, there’s multiple story arcs, but I’m just curious so that when I see it, I’ll know which episodes being to a certain arc.

  5. 1-10: Vagabond Joe Arc [Batch 1]
    1-15: Joe vs Rikiishi Arc [Batch 1]
    16-20: Aoyama Arc [Batch 2]
    21-23: End reformatory arc [Batch 2]
    24-28: JBC arc [Batch 2]
    29-31: Professional test arc [Batch 2]
    32-40: Wolf Kanagushi arc [Batch 3]
    41-51: Rikiishi Arc [Batch 3]
    52-56: Vagabond Joe again Arc [Batch 4]

    Someone posted this some times ago, I decided to use it as a batch system. ^^ (Not including future arcs due to spoilers)

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