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  1. Great anime, thanks FroZen-Evil for your decent work, Miyuki deserves the best from you ^_^ , @Juggen: your karaoke is so awesome ^^

  2. You need an interested translator to do that. People don’t generally like old shows and sports shows. Imagine finding someone who likes both… Also, we paid for next to all (if not all?) episode of Slam Dunk to get translated…. So would probably have been better if you didn’t open your mouth.

  3. I will agree with you (ZZZZZZ), but getting staff who’re interested to do it wasn’t easy for this group, so they dropped Slam Dunk, I personally won’t dare to say ” Slam Dunk is a boring project, and the same for some staff, I don’t think they dropped it because they don’t like it, Saizen is a sport group, that’s an old definition which I heard about them many many years ago, however, you need the required staff/team to release specific project , and as Juggen said “You need an interested translator to do that”.

  4. I’m pretty sure there are in DVD-quality. The subs are based on a chinese translation of the show however, and the editing/timing is quite bad.

  5. Erhm, we dropped it because we were paying money for the translations and it’s already streamed at CR.

  6. Sangofe, only five hours late. ^^ Also, it was streamed/licensed long before we dropped it. We continued subbing it due to the fact that it was only available in America, though.

  7. @sangofe and @juggen …

    guys can i ask something… cz i was the guy who had suggested bearing the translation charges if things were feasible… and eventually I did contact you via your mail and yous told me the translation charges per episode (which was unfortunately way out of my reach to afford).

    I’d like to ask u guys this… why dont you people make this entire issue a topic and post a thread out here instead?… let your fans also take part in the discussion… share the problem with them… cz i know that you had had to drop this show due to
    1.lack of good staff who was interested in doing this show
    2.you guys had to shell out money from your pockets so that you guys could continue subbing it…

    what if fans like me are ready to donate some amount on a voluntary basis so that the show (and other shows too eventually) can be worked upon and entire subbing can be completed…

    what do u say…

    P.S. many other fansub groups accept donations and keep their quality work going… so i think that u guys can work with this model?

  8. Well, by now I think the translator we used to pay is too busy, and I’m be surprised if we’d get enough staff together, but I’m sure we could try to contact people and see about it. Although there are many other projects who feel way more important than doing Slam Dunk, like Ashita no Joe for example.

  9. sure… give it a shot… ask ur fans… get staff to talk about it with fans… am sure ppl would like to talk about this model… cz advantage of this system may be that ppl czn get more shows to watch…

  10. Don’t be fooled by the “accepting donations” from other groups. About 90% or more just wants the money in their own pockets, or wants to try and make a living of fansubs. There are plenty of groups who do sub for the cheer love of fansubbing and anime. So no need to donate to greedy “fansubbers” who only rip stuff from CR anyways.

  11. I’m not sure it is a “problem” so much. Yes, we don’t do some shows because of lack of interest, but at the same time, we don’t see much point doing stuff that’s already streamed/licensed (if I remember correctly, Slam Dunk is on Crunchyroll now). There will always be projects that people ask us for that we’re not particularly interested in, and there will be projects we’d like to do and don’t have the right mix of staff interest to complete.

    That’s how fansubbing works.

  12. Well, our stalled list isn’t all that long. Most of our dropped projects are due to licensing and briefly scouring that list, the only project we’d look at picking up is the Kabocha Wine – but as that was started as a joint that eventually fell through, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever pick it up again.

  13. but then guys CR may stream but it’ll never deliver the quality u guys do… and well for many fans quality matters

  14. nvm… perhaps someday someone will pick up where u guys left… and will deliver the quality the way you guys do…

  15. Arh hate to interupt but i must say i am more intrested in the progress for Miyuki i been searchig for this serise for 48hrs stright and cant find any form of sub completed for it. so slam dunk which i can find is a lesser issue for me.

    i found the raws for Miyuki but dont know enought to translate so my only hope is for some one to sub it. this looks like a realy awsome serise as well

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