Major OVA – World Series – 01

Hey there. Who’d think they would see Major released by Saizen again?

One day, sangofe (I) asked blakbunnie27, the translator who translated for Umai about the status of their project. He said they had no editor, so I suggested to ask AMS, our good old major editor for a comeback editing Major World Series. He agreed, Timescar said all right to typeset, Juggen ok’d making a karaoke and QC, and in addition we got help with qc from limpakos, and kazuki. I myself timed and qc’d, and the result of out teamwork has brought a result we all can feel proud of.

This is a two-episode OVA, so stay tuned for the next and final episode. ^^
Also, for everyone wondering, this OVA takes place between Season 6 and the OVA “Message”, also released by umai.

8 thoughts to “Major OVA – World Series – 01”

  1. Uhm, too bad we didn’t know about this, or at least it’s too bad for me (since I’m such a major fan). I’m not sure for this version. Would have to see if all of the staffers would want. I myself surely want, though, but I’m not the voice of everyone.

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