Prince of Tennis Another Story II Finished!

So we finally finished something, yay! ^^
I decided to redo ep1-2 since there were a lot of inconsistencies and I also made updates to the OP/ED-karas.

Finally, thanks to everyone that helped out making this possible, I’ll try to name as many as I can remember. 🙂

TL - Convexity
Timing - Me, KmE, and Sangofe
Editing - Jing/Kafei and Collectr
Typsetting - Me
Karaokes - Me
QC - Kuroiryuu, Sangofe, limpakos/it06128, Validimus, and me :D
Encoding - racer9876

We’re also working on the movie from 2011 btw. 😉

And… don’t forget to visit Ryugan and say hi. 🙂

12 thoughts to “Prince of Tennis Another Story II Finished!”

  1. Thanks Saizen & Ryugan for this awesome OVA, it’s really funny and I’ll be glad to watch it again tomorrow ^^

  2. Hey guys, I’m about to finish the last bit of Prince of Tennis that’s available online with English subs, which is the Shin Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius 10 series, released in 2014. However, I’ve been made aware that there were more Prince of Tennis episodes released in 2018 as part of a new series under the title ‘Prince of Tennis: Best Games’. Do you guys know if this series has been subbed yet by any of the fansubs you collaborate with, or is there no English sub of this series available yet? This isn’t really a request or anything, I just didn’t know where else I could ask about this.

    1. As far as we know, it’s currently unsubbed. There has been discussion about it in the group, and who knows, we might end up doing it. No promises though 🙂

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