38 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 39”

  1. joe is just great , with the sadness he is bearing inside his glance we can’t say through the picture if he wins or not ,
    this is breathing life !

    So a Great thankyou to the team and don’t let joe down ,
    go on subbing and making as dream !
    thankyou .

  2. What exactly do you guys need. Judging by the comments at the “Join” section, I’m sure you have enough QCers. I might be wrong though. If you could tell us what you guys need maybe we could speed up the process. If you need a typesetter or a timer, I think I could help out.

  3. Oh, never knew that. Why don’t you guys post an advertisement at the AnimeSuki forums that you need some QC? Also, do HnG members form part of the QC team for Ashita no Joe?

    Maybe lowering your subbing standards could be the answer in speeding up the process. I’m almost certain that most users who watch Saizen’s releases would appreciate speed over quality.

  4. Lowering subbing standards is not an option. Saizen’s been providing high quality since the beginning (even though I’ll agree that our first project was not the best quality), and still is. That will not change. Anyone’s free to take a test and pass it if they’re good enough, though.

  5. Thanks again!
    Btw, I offered my services a year or two ago regarding Ashita no joe, but I got blocked for “asking for new episodes of Ashita no joe.” What I was clearly doing was figuring out your method of subbing the series, so that I could assist in some form of fashion. Clearly, you guys are doing fine.

  6. Joe: Eh? You know, you aren’t supposed to ask for new episodes. What kinf of services do you offer then? I mean, in which positions do you see yourself good enough? We haven’t been doing “fine” I’d say, pretty much have been strugling the whole project save a few periods here and there. At the moment we could need more QC, and Japanese R2 dvds starting episode 51.

  7. sangofe: Are those dvds which you speak of available on PD/Share? I’ve got a pretty good connection, so if you guys need the raws I’m sure I could be of some assistance.

  8. If this anime were a lady i would woo it and have a long term relationship with it until we where ready for marriage then i would propose and we would spend our lives together until we died happily

  9. That shot looks like Joe’s getting ready to sleep, or probably the beginning to some Budweiser skit:

    Wolf: Wassssuupp!!
    Joe: Nuffin, just chilling, looking that the bright lights.

    Also, good work on the release.

  10. Can’t believe masterpieces such as this don’t get very much attention from people, yet crap like Sword Farts Online enjoys massive attention because horny nerds can’t stop their hands from smelling like their own cocks.

    I don’t think any shonen manga or anime will be able to touch Ashita no Joe. They should remake it and change the voice actress of Yoko to Mamiko Noto, everything else should be left alone

    All hail Saizen-HnG!

  11. I think a lot of people prefer 720p and mostly girly animes like SAO or anything like that, and the worst thing is that you can count old animes that still on-going … but look at how fast new shits are going ..

  12. Well, even the manga hasn’t been fully scanlated yet, so that’s another thing for me to watch out for.

    I’ve never seen a protagonist like Joe before. You can never quite make out the look on his face. It’s like he’s eternally sad and happy at the same time. I love it a lot. It’s made me care for the characters in a way I haven’t before.

    I’m going to start digging for old shows, who knows what’s back there? This is actually the first one I’ve seen from before year 2000. Any suggestions to get the ball rolling?

  13. @fakoly

    Here’s some suggestions for some classics:

    Rose of Versailles, which is getting streamed on Viki in December and released on DVD next year by Right Stuf
    Treasure Island, absolutely marvellous adaption of the classic adventure book

    Galaxy Express 999 – The Movie, amazing space opera which great pacing and music, has a DVD release from the awesome Discotek

    The Astonishing work of Osamu Tezuka, which is an excellent anthology of eperimental shorts by the god of manga

    Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro & Lupin III Green Jacket, are classic James Bond style wackiness.

    http://myanimelist.net/profile/Klonoa79H I’m 18, but yeah, old school FTW. I think going backwards is a good thing, cause it allows you to discover some real gems, if I never did this, I would never have discover Pink Floyd, Terry Jacks, ELO, Dave Brubeck and all them other legends.

    Edit by Admin: Took out the links to bakabt because we at Saizen sub non-licensed stuff for a reason.


    I agree with everyones comments. Old school anime/manga is the best. Back in the day they made anime and manga for MEN. Everything that comes out today is watered down CGI little girl moe pedophile fanservice SHIT.

    I’m thankful for the small amount of groups like this that are around that still focus on the old stuff.

  15. Thanks. PS. We haven’t forgotten about this project. I qc’d episode 40 today so depending on one or two persons (that are not me) it might be out within a week.

  16. Great job guys, delay or not you guys have been doing a fantastic job on ashita no joe. I’m a huge hokuto no ken fan so I found you guys through HNG, started watching ashita no joe this summer. It’s one of the few animes that really resonate with me (I really don’t like a lot of anime, especially anything past the year 2000). I love the classics and I’m glad that groups like you guys, HNG and Skaro Hunting Society exist to bring back to life these classics that most Americans (like myself) didn’t get to watch because it never made it over seas. Great job keep it up!

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