38 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 29”

  1. Saizen rules! And HnG are pretty damn cool too.

    Good luck with the exams mate! And if any uptight invigilator gives you grief… CROSS COUNTER!

    Oh no, wait, he’d have to punch you in the face for that……

  2. You don’t have to be sorry ^^.
    I’d have to: for being nothing more than a lame leecher.
    Thx again and good luck for your exams.

  3. Well, I’ve gotten behind on Joe so I’m okay… but hey, Anonymous, you’re a snide little prick! Come round my yard yu face get bruckup.

  4. Really Anonymous? These people are subbing this series because they want to, without getting anything in return. And I doubt any other groups would even give a shit about a series this old. I’ve been watching ANJ from Saizen (and HnG) since 2008 and I can keep waiting patiently.

    Also a question to the guys from Saizen. Do you think you would ever release the Ashita no Joe movies?

  5. Has Joe been held up because of that “Anonymous” dude’s comments? Didn’t think 29 would be the last of the year, but I stand by your reasons.

    Anyway, love your releases and Happy Holidays.

  6. Thanks for the status update. Joe’s going to take a long time at any rate, so I’m just glad it’s still in the pipeline.

  7. QCers job to make sure the finished product is up to par with no mistakes. Mistakes include things like scene bleeds, timing issues, grammar issues, spelling mistakes, encoding errors, font errors etc. [Copied from Taka]

  8. James Mason: you’re damn right it’s gonna take a long. I think we actually started the subbing work on the series in early 2007 (and never released before late that year…), so it’s not something we’re gonna give up on!

  9. Donald: Yet 90% of the applicants fail. Do you want to give the quality check test a go? To reply to your question; no, it’s not hard per se, you just need to be extremely awake and aware, and very consious about what qualifies as errors on the different projects.

  10. Donald, your lack of an apostrophe in the word “doesn’t” proves that you don’t really know much about quality checking. Decent QC generally takes more than one pass to make sure there’s nothing glaring or wrong in each 20-something minute episode we release. And obviously, if a mistake does make it into a release, we break out the cat o’ ninetails and give the QC team a good whipping to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Seems to be a good “incentive.”

    Having said that, we’re always looking for new QCers to join the fold so if anyone wants to apply, come take the test!

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