Ashita no Joe – 25-26


So we’re finally back with some more AnJ! Thank God, right?
There’s been a lot of slacking during summer, but we plan to change that if possible. 🙂
As you also might know, I don’t like promises much, but episode 27-28 shouldn’t be too far away… ^^
We’re also looking for a translator again to speed up our releases. Preferably someone that actually does any work…

Anyway, enjoy your share of AnJ!

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_25_[DVD][E0B7604F].mkv
MD5: 98AA1BA1B54FD99DC5D567E98E0C132D
CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_26_[DVD][C5189325].mkv
MD5: AF11E3E07032287725A05AF0771FF1A2

18 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 25-26”

  1. yaay thanks, ofc thanks god :D.

    and about your promises, you keep it and that’s the best, i don’t care care when since it can be done at the end

  2. Well juggen got a bit overexcited and linked the wrong files {both links see episode 24 ;p} so I’d suggest you guys wait till he wakes up and realizes that ;p ;p gomen ^^;

  3. I won’t blame anyone for enjoying some slackness lol
    However I’m glad AnJ’s back ^^

    => yes, links from Nyaa are correct.

  4. Wow, two eps! Thanks a bunch guys.

    Just curious, are you planning to do AnJ 2 as well? Some sources list it as separate and some have it listed as nust more AnJ, so I’m unclear on the subject.

    Also… what about the live movie? I’m no JE fan, but I have to admit Yamapi can act… though the idea of him beating up people is a bit LOL (as seen in the pv of Daite Senorita!)

    Anyways, love and blessing upon you all for subbing this brutal 70s madnesssssssss ~ !

  5. We can’t think that far ahead, The Junglistic One, especially when we don’t have a translator that can work frequently. We have to take one episode at one time, and for now, we have episodes 27 – 29 in QC stage, which is the last, or second last stage in fansubbing.

    What will happen about to episodes 30 and up remains uncertain, but if you’ve followed our subbing of Joe, you should know we’re not ones to give up easily.

  6. Oh right, I use that all the time myself, hehe. I found a dvd rip with subs, btw, someone reseeded it on nyaa 🙂

  7. Thanks for the response sangofe!

    Re: the live, I will have to have a look myself, even if the subs are only Japanese – there are suddenly loads of seeds on the torrent at Nyaa.

    Meanwhile I will enjoy the eps which come my way. Thanks as ever, PEACE ^^

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