Ashita no Joe – 20

Juggen said “someone write a newspost”, so this is what I’m doing. This has taken way too much effort and crap to get released (i.e; same ep encoded 4 times), but here it is, and hopefully we’ll all be able to enjoy some more releases in a beautiful tomorrow, hopefully… But seriously, this episode is great, and I suggest you to rewatch from 17 and up because the episodes are somewhat related and all kick some major Joe ass. Oh, and this is now a joint with our friends Hokuto no Gun.

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_20_[DVD][544D7B17].mkv
MD5: 5EE11757B5091421D47A3ADAB28B8C7E

11 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 20”

  1. Thanks for your work, I love Joe! 🙂

    BTW, you pay money for your translations? Do you use your own money or do have some kind of revenue? oO

  2. Not for everything, matt, but during times when things are mega stalled and a project has no translator, we sometimes dig out some money in order to not have the project dropped. It has been a mix of our own money and donations.

  3. Wohoo! Yet another awesome release from you. Thank you very much!

    About donations: do you need any? I’ve been quite lazy lately…

  4. Okay something must of gone wrong, but I downloaded it and it has no dialog subtitles, only the opening and ending subtitles.

  5. Hey, I’ve actually never commented on anything on this site but I’ve been following you guys since you started with eyeshield.
    I really appreciate all of your contributions even though I’m not watching all of them.
    Even when you guys were not very active I checked the site!
    In January I’m moving to japan for a year for studying japanese, I hope I can help out with fansubbing in the future, since I’m a fan of the animes you release and a fan of you guys! 😀

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