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  1. This is probably too long for most people to read, but I will write what happened.

    Since the last episode got released the current lead editor got very busy with real life (had to find a job, threaths of getting thrown out where he lived etc). Our timer on the project also got too busy to fansub.

    It was then that the magic kokujin-kun stepped in. On this released episode Kokujin-kun has done timing, tlc, and editing, plus he has timed and tl checked a bunch of other episodes…

    At one point Koku and I had decided to “go solo” — meaning release stuff without proper editing or qc, but why? Because we simply had no staff, however, things have come to a new turning point with a new editor joining, and now also one new quality checker, so for now, we have scrapped that idea.

  2. Thank you Saizen.

    Thank you for years of hard work in fansubbing and giving us lazy layabouts the anime we crave.
    I saw Tsubasa 22 released and realised that I’ve downloaded your releases for years and years but never thought to offer any encouragement or appreciation.


    According to AniDB your earliest release was Hungry Heart: Wild Striker back in 2004 and guess what, I remember waiting eagerly for new episodes, downloading them (DC++ back in those days), burning them to cd and later moving them to dvd’s.

    Your group holds a special place in my heart when it comes to fansubbing.
    Thank you!

  3. nice to know that Sangofe :), and we wish your new and old staff good luck in real life before fansub of course :), you really do something great.

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