Captain Tsubasa (Road to 2002) – 16

Episode 16 is about the night before the final, and the final itself. I won’t write much, but be ready for a couple of surprises.

P.S! Many thanks to all of the team who worked really hard to get this episode ready. If we get another quality checker or two, we’d hopefully be able to go a bit faster, but until then, we’ll be struggling away at a not so fast pace.


9 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa (Road to 2002) – 16”

  1. hello, why did you start ct2002 project on these selected episodes?
    is it because they’re the main events in the series and the rest just old repeated events like the first episodes of captain tsubasa j ???

    hop u reply

  2. Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 is fully subbed from ep (1 to 52), and Captain Tsubasa J is just the same as CT2002 and original series of Tsubasa, so why bother subbing it ?!!, the new thing of CTJ is what Saizen subbed and it’s the important part, that’s the point and hope you understand.

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