Ka Me Ha Me… HA!!! Dragonball Z Battle of Gods Director’s Cut’s here!

Here’s a patch fix.  Changelog: Fixes the Akira Toriyama Credit appearing in the 20th Century Fox logo rather than where it should be due to a shifting error.  Instructions are included in the zip file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Who’d thought we’d do this director’s cut of the latest Dragonball Z movie containing twenty new minutes of content?! Well, I did! Because Dragonball’s almost my religion I decided I would  take part in subbing this! And how lucky did I get?! The cool people at #some-stuffs decided to help me out, in addition to the beloved members of the Captain Tsubasa team! Thank you a lot, guys!! I hope you all will have a happy Ka Me Ha Me HA time!! – sangofe

Fansubbing credits are as following:

Encoder: [Umi]

Translator: Lord_Starfish

Translation Checker: xemnas

Editor: konnakude

Timers: Eternal_Blizzard & sangofe

Typesetter: Timescar

Quality checkers: limpakos, pheon18, sangofe, skr

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Dragon_Ball_Z_-_Battle_of_Gods_(Director’s_Cut)_[720p][C57FCFFC].mkv – v2 to be distributed
MD5: 6c903e343c049ee16d91d6642023cab2