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Ano Hana Movie


Here’s something we’ve been working on for quite some time. Being one of my all-time favorite series, it felt almost inevitable to also work on the movie.
I’m glad, however, that we were finally able to share it with everyone else. It does add some new scenes, but it’s mostly a summary of the series. It’s still a nice watch however if it’s been a while since you watched the series, or is a hardcore fan like me. ^^

Also, I’ve kept a few people hanging actually, being one of the reasons it was stalled for a long while. Sometimes real-life takes the best of you. And for some, life is just too short. Most have probably heard the tragic news about our dear friend CP already. I’d just like to take this opportunity and say something that’s been said multiple times before, but there’s a life on the other side of the screen too.

With that said, I hope we will continue to release a lot of things and hopefully finish a few shows in a not too distant future.

Magnet URI[FroZen]_Ano_Hi_Mita_Hana_No_Namae_O_Bokutachi_Wa_Mada_Shiranai_-_Movie_[720p][Blu-Ray][425FEBB1].mkv
MD5: 35dacffa09016a09424e79d907d10ff0
Magnet URI[FroZen]_Ano_Hi_Mita_Hana_No_Namae_O_Bokutachi_Wa_Mada_Shiranai_-_Movie_[1080p][Blu-Ray][155F5419].mkv
MD5: ae0e1ca27340b5cdd83b3e1f9c10bc16

Ano Hana - 11

EDIT Oct 2: Batch torrent added. 01v2 and 06v2 included with some minor fixes.

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_11_[95F32875].mkv
MD5: 23b98eb7e24ef001191ed5b7f79e357a

Ano Hana - 08-10
Just one more to go~

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_08_[EBABF9A8].mkv
MD5: d9ec0a88ddc35daeeb309e4e5fd3d70f
CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_09_[2CB389E6].mkv
MD5: a873a8c70b775528a30d8df159ba1bec
CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_10_[DE5C1758].mkv
MD5: 4a4ee0b91aa129bb926cda6c384230d4

08:11 <@Skr> she has chipmunk cheeks D:

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_07_[B2544E2C].mkv
MD5: f999c759e6eae5d2ab11e6cffc5b5a3e

23:33 <@desolo|office> JINTAN GETS A TASTE OF ANARU
23:33 <@desolo|office> that’s the rel post
23:33 <@desolo|office> GET IT

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_06_[7D9EB018].mkv
MD5: fef6bf5c4609afd5c6e86e364528ef90


CCCP icon[FroZen]_Ano_Hana_05_[D3BFC647].mkv
MD5: ee02c11b6df74f4c080a27f8c4eb808a

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