We Need Your DVDs & Blurays!

Have you ever wondered how Saizen manages to maintain such high quality in everything it does? Not just the translation, editing and typesetting, but also the marvellous encodes our encoders pump out on a regular basis – well, it doesn’t just happen by accident. We have some very skilled people working on our subs for you to enjoy, but there are, naturally, issues with trying to maintain such a high level of quality. No matter how good the encoder, they can only wow us with their wizardry if they have a good source to work with.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of encoding (which I only have a vague idea about at best!), the best sources of raw video we use are in the form of DVDISOs (for DVDs) and BDMVs (for Blurays). This does leave us in a bit of a dilemma when the only raws available for some of the older shows we do are, by our standards, subpar.

This is where you guys come in. If you have any of the following shows on DVDs/Blurays or know where to find links to the DVDISOs/BDMVs, we would be interested in having these video sources, because A) it’s a lot easier/cheaper than buying our own and B) it makes it a lot easier to get a team interested in a new project if we have a suitable video source available.

The DVDISOs/BDMVs we’re currently trying to track down:

  • Ketsuinu

Please note, only DVDISOs and BDMVs will be considered. If the format is any different, we are unlikely to accept it. If you have the DVDs/Blurays in question, please gatecrash #saizen on the Rizon IRC network so that we can use it to stick some awesome English subs on them. They must all contain Japanese Audio and where possible, be free of any hardsubbed non-Japanese typesetting (If the source is good or the only one available due to all others going out of print, we may overlook this). We are also looking for COMPLETE SERIES unless vol. numbers are specifically stated. We can’t start a series with only the first volume of DVDs after all!


So get rooting through those DVD and Bluray collections ^__^

HOW-TO GUIDE: For any of you looking to rip a DVD for us, AMS has kindly put together a how-to guide to show you how. If you want to rip Blurays for us, this guide will show you how.

Last updated 02/02/2020

234 thoughts to “DVD/BD Hunt”

  1. Yo, I forgot to say (lol ten days late), the link to the ISOs I sent here are indeed working fine (so does the ISOs), but damn it took a long time do download it.

    That’s all πŸ˜€

  2. A french mate gets R2J DVDs for his own team. When Captain Tsubasa series is over, I’ll remind him of seeding R2J DVDs.

  3. hi, my name is martin. i have a request for you, you see, actually i am translating all the yawara chapters to spanish and for that I’m using .srt and .ass subtitles that i found in the web. however there are missing the chapter 29-58. therefore i would be so thankful if you could send me those subtitles. my e-mail is sagecancer@hotmail.com

  4. So, when are you going to sub B.B.? I have the 3 episodes but RAW!the quality is good though. πŸ˜€

  5. @Dark Existence

    You have B.B raws? All we’ve found are horrible, eye cancerous raws. Any chance you can link the raws you’ve found or upload them somewhere for us so we can take a look? Thanks.

  6. Oh, damn. I never replied to those Kuroko BDs. Oops.

    Anyway, yeah, just so people know. That torrent on ADC had 0 seeders and was never completed by anyone.

    The Kuroko S2 eps we’re releasing right now are made off BDs I purchased. I’ve only picked up Volumes 1-5 so far, so if anyone has access to Volumes 6-9, please let us know πŸ™‚

  7. Really?!? I had no idea that they were upscales! πŸ™

    Then any chance to please continue doing the DVDs sometime in the future??

  8. Saizen, would you guys ever be willing to sub the 2nd half of the 2001 Cyborg 009 TV series? DVD Raws for the 2nd half are on ADC.

  9. Duly noted, though it looks like there’s some weirdness with the licensing status of that series. We’ll look into it, but I doubt we’ll do anything with it soon.

  10. Hey, just dropping by to ask if you guys would ever be interested in doing a release for this series:
    It’s a sports anime so it seems right up you guys’s alley, and it never got a decent release other than absolutely terrible bootleg Chinese DVD subs. Dunno if DVDISOs are avaialable as i coudn’t find any, but both seasons are available in raw on multiple sites and multiple formats.

  11. I don’t know if you need Hungry Heart Wild Striker DVDISOs if you’d like to redo that show, but if you do, I have ten of them – volumes 01-08, 11 and 13.

  12. Hey, EruPii. I don’t think anyone here has any interest in those. Pretty much everyone who worked on HHWS has retired at this point. I don’t think anyone even has all the scripts for it anymore.

    Thanks for thinking about us though πŸ™‚

  13. Oh, I see. It’s unfortunate because I think HHWS needs a re-release. But if there aren’t people who would be interested in it, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Then how about Akuei and Gacchinpo? ^^”

  14. Since Kuroiryuu said it:

    @BeastSagaTeam, as far as new series are concerned, take a look at any of the following for potential series:

    1) Cyborg 009 (2001 TV Series)
    2) Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
    3) Kurenai Sanshiro (Tatsunoko)
    4) Kaibutsu-Kun (1960 TV Series) (Fujio Fujiko)
    5) The Adventures of Gamba
    6) Akuma-Kun (1980s tv series)

  15. @BeastSagaTeam: If possible, can the SD Gundam series of shorts be done? There are DVD ISOs that have been ripped and are lying around somewhere (no Wacky Races episode, though, due to odd licensing reasons).

  16. @KudosForce

    Which Gundam series do you mean? As it happens, we have a few people interested in Gundam in Saizen (as you might have been able to tell) so it might be something we’d look into as a group even if the Ruri-Saizen joint don’t necessarily pick it up (though I know Kuro likes his mecha :D)

  17. @Kudosforce: no, Govarian has enough staff. Nobody will be change there even if it’s slow. H2 is lacking staff, though, so that’s another story.

  18. @FalseDawn: The SD Gundam shorts usually starring chibi versions of the Universal Century cast and Mobile suits. Sorry for not specifying, since the two modern SD shows also have “SD” in the title.

    Glad to hear so, though. πŸ˜€

  19. @KudosForce: If you mean the parody shorts around 1990, I don’t have any plans for those personally. If Kuro picks them up I could be enticed to help out… I’m actually doing HD versions of the Astray OVAs and overhauling Solar’s Gundam Evolve atm, so those will be me priority.

  20. @BeastSagaTeam, I also forgot to mention the following series you might want to look at for subbing:

    Juusenshi Gulkeeva (Wild Knights Gulkeeva)
    Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (Dragon Knight Wataru)

    Wataru’s on ADC, but not Gulkeeva. Like Nagareboshi Gin, Wataru badly needs re-subbing.

  21. Guys are u gonna do the DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI>?I would like so much to see it from you as many here.

  22. Hi Saizen Team

    I was kindly wondering if you plan on picking up movie 2 of Tezuka’s Buddha movie triology? One can obtain it from yesasia.com website. Please get back to me as I’m a big fan of Tezuka!

  23. Hello, Saizen Team:

    I am wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind subbing the PaRappa the Rapper anime. No one has subbed it for years and the people who did sub it dropped it at Episode 4, leaving 25 episodes unsubbed (episode 13 was subbed by a YouTube user) and no one has subbed it since. I’m a big fan of PaRappa and I’m also a fan of your work. I just had to ask! This series came out in 2001, and ended in 2002. It is only 30 episodes

    There are DVD raws of the series, but there are in .mkv format.

    The uploader of the .mkv rips did say at one point that he would upload the .iso files of the series. He hasn’t uploaded them as of now, but if I can get him to, would you guys mind subbing it? It’s something that has been requested a bunch of times, but no one has gotten around to doing it.

  24. I notice that you are looking for the BDs 6-9 of Kuroko no Basket S2. There is a batch with complete Season 2 BDs recently up, but it’s in MKV. (I also cannot read Japanese, so I do not know if these have the bloopers as well, but there are a set of extra files). Though I’m new to your subs, are you specifically looking for BDMVs or are MKVs of BDRips preferable? Or rather, are you looking for files or the actual physical media?

  25. Um, no… It says we’re looking for S3. For Kuroko, we’re looking for the BDMVs. We have everything we need for S2 though at this point. Our encoder takes care of processing the BDMV into a playable file for everyone’s viewing pleasure πŸ˜‰ We don’t specifically need the physical disc itself, though I do have one and a half seasons of discs sitting beside me here. All we need is the digital copy of the BDMV.

    Thank you for thinking of us though ^^

  26. Oh! I was reading it yesterday, and it said you needed S2 6-9, so it must’ve changed some time after. Thanks for replying.

  27. You guys are always welcome to suggest stuff to sub but we’re very unlikely to take your suggestion until we finish much more.

  28. I noticed somebody already put them raws for this, but just in case these are better quality, I’m gonna put them up. I found some good quality raws for Diamond no Ace OVA episodes 2 & 3 if you are planning on doing them (I really hope you are because I love the show).

    Episode 2: (this has subs in another language (arabic?) but the text is small and the quality of the video is pretty good so hopefully it’s workable)


    eng: (I found a translation by somebody but the grammer/quality aren’t very good. Maybe it can help speed up translating though so here it is)

    Episode 3:

    Are you still looking for Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 Bluray raws? (Are you guys translating that? Your guy’s translation was a lot better than the other group that translated season 3. I noticed somebody else had done the translating right away.) I might be willing to buy the raws, but I’m not really sure how to get it from the physical disc to digital. Also does anybody know what the heck the difference between these are? There’s more than just the 2 in the links and they all say 3rd season. Is there a better place to buy raws? Anyway thanks for all the wonderful subs!



  29. Natsu, they are looking for BDMV folders or Blu-ray .iso files, not encodes, like that link.

    The DVD/BD Requests Page even says that very clearly in the second and third paragraphs.

  30. Hey, Natsu. Okay… so…

    1. We have the Ace DVDs already but thanks!

    2. The difference between those two is that one is Volume 1 and the other is Volume 2 (I know because I have those discs).

    3. That link for Kuroko Season 3 you posted are the TV Raws. We are looking for the BDMVs like Someone mentioned. We don’t want encodes. We want the raw format for them.

  31. 1. Awesome XD

    2. Do they only release a few episodes a disc or something? Cause there were 9+ volumes.

    3. My bad. I don’t really know what BDMVs are but I’m assuming they have better quality

  32. For Kuroko, a season is 9 discs. Disc 1 is 2 episodes and every other disc is 3 episodes with one of the remaining 8 discs containing two episodes and the “x.5” episode.

    BDMV is essentially the raw format for Blu-Rays. They are far better than TV raws as they have not been put through any sort of filtering already and are natively 1080p. With TV raws, you end up having to deal with the television station’s re-encoding of the masters that they have. They generally filter and encode down so that it takes less bandwidth for them to broadcast it. They also broadcast at 1080i as interlacing allows them to significantly lessen the bandwidth they need to send the signal out.

    That’s basically why if you bother comparing our releases to any other release out there, our encodes look significantly better. We’re the only ones who have bothered with doing Kuroko from Blu-Ray (the only true 1080p source available), so all the other versions out there are off the TV version. Our version looks like a couple layers of murky glass were taken off the video in comparison to the TV versions.

    A very basic way to put it is…

    TV = 1080i + filtering done by TV station (then subbers re-encode from here)

    Blu-Ray = 1080p + no filtering (then subbers encode from here)

    This doesn’t run true 100% of the time, but I think that’s a pretty simple, decent way to put it. If you’re encoding things, you’re basically looking for a source with as few “steps” on the source as possible, because as the old adage goes, “you can only polish a turd so much.”

    PS. Also, our encoder kicks ass.

  33. Speaking of requests, the 1989 Dragon Quest anime tv series is not entirely subbed.

    If Saizen needs raws, ADC has the entire series.

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