We Need Your DVDs & Blurays!

Have you ever wondered how Saizen manages to maintain such high quality in everything it does? Not just the translation, editing and typesetting, but also the marvellous encodes our encoders pump out on a regular basis – well, it doesn’t just happen by accident. We have some very skilled people working on our subs for you to enjoy, but there are, naturally, issues with trying to maintain such a high level of quality. No matter how good the encoder, they can only wow us with their wizardry if they have a good source to work with.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of encoding (which I only have a vague idea about at best!), the best sources of raw video we use are in the form of DVDISOs (for DVDs) and BDMVs (for Blurays). This does leave us in a bit of a dilemma when the only raws available for some of the older shows we do are, by our standards, subpar.

This is where you guys come in. If you have any of the following shows on DVDs/Blurays or know where to find links to the DVDISOs/BDMVs, we would be interested in having these video sources, because A) it’s a lot easier/cheaper than buying our own and B) it makes it a lot easier to get a team interested in a new project if we have a suitable video source available.

The DVDISOs/BDMVs we’re currently trying to track down:

  • B.B (Burning Blood)
  • Ketsuinu

Please note, only DVDISOs and BDMVs will be considered. If the format is any different, we are unlikely to accept it. If you have the DVDs/Blurays in question, please gatecrash #saizen on the Rizon IRC network so that we can use it to stick some awesome English subs on them. They must all contain Japanese Audio and where possible, be free of any hardsubbed non-Japanese typesetting (If the source is good or the only one available due to all others going out of print, we may overlook this). We are also looking for COMPLETE SERIES unless vol. numbers are specifically stated. We can’t start a series with only the first volume of DVDs after all!


So get rooting through those DVD and Bluray collections ^__^

HOW-TO GUIDE: For any of you looking to rip a DVD for us, AMS has kindly put together a how-to guide to show you how. If you want to rip Blurays for us, this guide will show you how.

Last updated 02/02/2020

232 thoughts to “DVD/BD Hunt”

  1. no edit button? damn!

    i asked reupload of the dvds in 2 sites if any of them reupload them ill update here

  2. Awesome, cyber1000 – I’ve grabbed those raws to take a look, but yeah, keep us updated in case the DVDISOs appear ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. someone… are they better than the episodes i posted on first comment (spanish softsubbed – 720×588) or are they the standard 640×480?

  4. FalseDawn, although it”s not the tv series, the 2007 Kitarou TV series movie, “Nippon Bakuretsu (Japan Explodes!) is on PD, if you can get that p2p program to work.

  5. for tiger mask, I have this is good raw…
    I wish will be helpful

    and there are someone who translate the first episode of tiger mask, and the first four episodes of Kurenai Sanshiro

  6. Anonymous, those Kitarou 2007 raws are not DVD-Isos, though, plus they are missing episodes in that Mega link.

    The only real hope for that series is the eps appearing on ADC.

  7. Anonymous, the point is that posting Mega links to .avi raws isn’t what Saizen wants. Sure, you can post them, but Saizen most likely won’t use them especially since it’s missing several episodes.

  8. as far as is “F: Motori in Pista” concerned, no one needs to further worry on that, it has be ripped and subbed by “Chillock [CHK]”.

    guess u guys were a bit slow to pick this awesome project up. keep up the good work.

  9. ya, but sumthing is better than nothing right, and anyways u guys are behind on ur ongoing projects, so getting “F” subbed by Saizen would be a thing that can take abt 2yrs of time minimum, so felt like let the fans see the CHK-subs for the time being. thanks.

  10. Uh, you do realise that 2 years minimum = quick for us, right? We never put a time limit on it, it’s just something we’re looking at doing in the future because we’re (in particular, me) are interested in it ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. @sangofe -> i didnt tell anyone to do anything , i just wanted the fans to get their hands on “F” soon thats all, from where did u think i was suggesting or telling you guys to do sumthing?? am a follower of Saizen, from the time you guys started on AnJ, have huge respect for the team, so please keep the unwanted jibber-jabber to yourself, cheers

  12. Juggen, has Saizen grabbed those Kitarou DVDs yet? It only has 4 seeders left, so Saizen’s window of opportunity to get them is rapidly closing.

  13. Hey there!!! Just another daily fan of your amazing releases!!! Honestly, I can’t possibly thank you enough for what you guys do. You’re like God’s sender to us fans. I wanted to thank you for your Kuroko no Basket releases!! It means a lot!! ^_^ And also, to request something if possible. Since I’m a fan of most (if not all) the sports/intense lice of life genre anime series I would like to request my most favorite one from your greatness!! Have you ever heard of the Yowamushi Pedal series?? It’s an amazing anime seire about cycling that if you give it a go I’m sure you will love it!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ Would you be any interested at all to take on this amazing project?? It would be greatly appreciated!! If not could you suggest any other fansubbers/fansub groups (besides HorribleSubs and Commie) that would be interested to take on this project?? Thank you very much for your hard work and time again!! ^_^ Keep it up!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Just please give it some thought before/if you reject it. That’s all I ask for now!! I ask this from you cause I know that you can produce the best and most sufficient results for this series which it definitely deserves it!!

  15. What I hate about Commie is like HorribleSubs. They just copy HS’s subs and make stupid edits that get on everybody’s nerves. I’m not saying that they’re not watchable, but certainly not the best, that is why I ask Saizen for help.

  16. Commie’s fonts for the subs are pretty good, but when I first heard that the main group for the series would be Commie, I was pretty disappointed (can’t get the stupid edits off my mind), but when I saw your Kuroko release which is the best, I thought to myself that this group would do the best job for Yowamushi Pedal too. Sorry for all those notices and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone about this. I just want the best for my favorite sports series. Can you help or know anyone that might will??

  17. For example, Commie stated that this series doesn’t deserve 1080p (which is kind of doubtful for a 2013 series), but imo it’s just an excuse for being kind of lazy!!

  18. Commie is by no means bad, and they’re also doing BD’s. They sometimes make stupid errors, but it’s really no reason to redo the show from scratch when there are other shows who are in way more need of good subs. We tend to prefer those projects, things like sangofe suggested. I think you have either had a bad experience with Commie before, or have a negative preconception that Commie would per default be bad, which they are not. ^^

  19. Now that you guys finished Miyuki is there any chance Saizen would work on another Adachi show in the future? I would love to watch Hiatari Ryoukou next. Is there any chance you guys could join forces with ray=out to relase the show?

    Once again. Thank you for you hard work.

  20. *Sangofe said, “Itโ€™d be easier for us to track suggestions if theyโ€™re posted in the right section.”*

    Saizen, if youโ€™re looking for anime to sub, how about the original Kaibutsu-kun tv series (in black and white)? Itโ€™s by Fujio Fujiko, creator of Doraemon and Laughing Salesman.

    Its DVD-isos are on ADC.

  21. i dont know if this is the place to ask there this anime its probably as old as kyou kara ore wa i can find a place to download it let alone find it subbed was hoping u guys could direct me to a place or if possible sub it. i think in english its just called f can google it as f 1988 anime or racing idk something come out but nothing subbed.


    if this is the wrong place to request sry in adavnce and thank you.

  22. It would be nice to see you guys co-operate with Skaro Hunting Society since all of their releases are classic old school anime.

    If you want an individual personal request from me then it would be that you started subbing Wakusei Robo Danguard or for example Yokohama Meibutsu Otoko Katayama Gumi! the later is more ” bad-ass ” I would of course contribute so it would be easier for you to get the raws and so on.



  23. GouNoKen, if Saizen does that, you’ll be lucky to see any anime subbed entirely by the year 2099. Dead serious.

    Skaro subs very, very slowly, sometimes releasing only 1 episode of a specific series PER YEAR. Skaro Hunting Society does release a mix of episodes per year, but its release rate per actual series is usually 1 or 2 per year. Despite that, the quality of his actual releases is superb, but his release rate will be too slow for most Saizen watchers.

    So, I highly recommend against doing that.

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