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Thanks to Justin and Matthias who both donated to us so that we now own the Space Brothers #0 BD. We’re all extremely grateful to you for your contributions and hopefully we’ll have a subbed release of it sooner rather than later for all you Space Bros fans out there.

Remember, we’re still looking for another 187€ for our distro guy whose seedbox means all our torrents get from us to you, as well as running the Arutha irc bots that services most of the fansubbing groups out there. His server running costs are an eye-watering 500€ a month, so getting some toward this month’s costs, it keeps the lights on for that little bit longer. Head over to the donations page for more details on how to donate direct to him.


Go to our Join page now to save us!

(Disclaimer: I may be exaggerating a little…)

Kuroko's Basketball - 51 - BD.1080p [C60090A2]_001_5397
Hey, everyone. We just got our website back up under this new domain. We ran into issues when our domain renewal came up and lost our old domain for the time being. I don’t really care about getting into the details, so let’s move on from that.

We have had a couple of releases since we went down, so maybe those guys will update the website here with those releases… or not. We’ll see, haha!

In the meantime, we are still alive and working on some stuff.

Hope everyone has been having a nice summer.



Happy Birthday, kokujin-kun! Best wishes from Azu-nyan and everyone in Saizen!

I hope I can do those release posts for many years ahead! It’s a pure joy to select the cuties for you  😉

Our dear friend and translator/translation checker of several shows, inlcuding Baby and me, Captain Tsubasa, plus extra help here and there, is getting married today, on the 15th!

We in Saizen hope you stay happy and healthy for the rest of your life together with your husband, Onibaba!

Congratulations from us all!



Our own Luurah has left his playful youth behind and turned 40 today. I now officially declare him being “ossan.” 😛

I wish him a lot of quality checkers for our projects and getting hugged by a blue-haired girl!

(I suspect we need to ask zegond to dye her hair blue).

I also wish him loads of robots for his birthday and that he will never stop loving them! 😀


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